Dizengoff Audio DA2 Microphone Preamp

Dizengoff Audio DA2 Microphone Preamp

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THESE ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE as a limited run of 25 units. I will only building a few per month until they are sold. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery!

Meet the Dizengoff Audio DA2.  It’s a tribute to the venerable RCA BA2C tube preamp.  RCA’s BA2C found wide use in film, broadcast, and recording during the 1950’s.  I like to think of it as the “little brother” to the RCA OP6 because they use the same tube.

The DA2 has wonderful headroom, and it packs a nice low-mid wallop.  The tone is smooth, warm, and sort of heavy–just what you’d expect from an American tube design of this era.

Signal transformers are wound right here in Chicago.  The DA2 uses an amorphous Metglas input and large 5/8ths inch stack lo-nickel (45% nickel) output transformer for excellent fidelity and sizable low end.  The transformers are based on early Peerless designs, and their frequency response is flat from 10Hz to 50kHz.  

The power supply is internal.  Like the D4 and D864, it’s built around a Japanese Nippo Steel R-core power transformer.  It has extremely high efficiency and low noise compared with traditional E-I core transformers and plays a significant part in achieving the DA2’s low noise performance.

With the unusual inspiration of the RCA BA-2C behind it, the Dizengoff DA2 possesses a sonic character that I haven’t heard in any other tube-based mic preamp that I’ve tried. Adding its low noise floor, high headroom and wide frequency response to the tube and transformer-based distortion of which it is capable has resulted in a characterful mic preamp, and one that delivers an overall performance that makes its price point attractive to those looking to expand their available sonic options.” SoundOnSound, January 2018


  • Next-gen 2U composite copper/polymer enclosure with aluminum faceplate

  • IEC power inlet

  • XLR input and output

  • DI input

  • 0-52dB gain

  • Analog VU meter

  • 20dB pad

  • +48v phantom power

  • phase reverse


  • Frequency response 10Hz-50kHz

  • THD+N at 1Khz: 1%,+4dBU, 10-24kHz bandwidth

  • S/N -82dBA at maximum (+52dB) gain, 10-24kHz bandwidth


Q. How long does it take to receive my order?

A. It depends on the product.  For microphones and 500 cards, the lead time is 2-3 days.  For microphone preamps and compressors, the schedule is much longer, typically 4-6 weeks.

Q. How does the scheduling process work for orders?

A. For longer lead time products, we require a 50% deposit in order to schedule your order.  Once the order is completed, we will send you an invoice for the remaining amount.  Once the final invoice is paid, we will ship your order.

Q. Do you have sound clips available?

A. Yes, we have clips available on the website and Soundcloud.

Q. What if I want something custom?

A. We have the ability to do custom 500 series modules.  Let us know what you’re looking for!

Q. Are you working on anything new?

A. Always!