Dizengoff Audio Type 17 Passive DI
Dizengoff Audio Type 17 Passive DI
Dizengoff Audio Type 17 Passive DI
Dizengoff Audio Type 17 Passive DI

Dizengoff Audio Type 17 Passive DI

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Introducing the Dizengoff Audio Type 17 Passive DI box.  Based on the famous Detroit Wolf Box DI, but with a number of twists.  Although it's based on the Wolf Box, it's named after an early generation console built by EMI.  The Type 17 makes use of two hand-wound signal transformers to give you selectable tone for guitar or bass.

The Type 17's features an aluminum enclosure, with heavy duty, oversized toggle switches. All internal connections are point to point (no pcb), and it features a handy trim knob.

The 'American' setting uses a hand wound oversized M6 steel transformer based on the famed UTC A10 transformer.  It's got all the great stuff associated with M6 steel transformers--huge, dense sound, wonderful saturation behavior and coloration, and fantastic frequency response.  But because this one also borrows some concepts from early Peerless transformers, it offers something not normally found in M6 steel--incredible transient response.  It's my vision of recording Americana, big, dense, and meaty--stuffed into a DI box.

The 'British' setting also uses an oversized hand wound transformer.  I borrowed concepts from EMI's REDD team, but I used modern materials.  This takes EMI's design and adapts it to use a low-hysteresis Hitachi Metglas core.  I also borrowed some ideas from Neumann--I added a chambers to the design, which means incredible fidelity, detail, and richness. This part is my vision of the things I love about 'British' designs--creamy, smooth, and  hi-fi without being sterile.


  • Aluminum enclosure, coated in ANSI 61 gray.
  • 1/4 inch input and thru jacks
  • Trim knob with Davies/DakaWare knob and attenuation switch
  • User selectable transformers for flexibility of tone
  • XLR output
  • Oversized toggle switches for controls
  • Ground lift
  • Fully passive
  • Size 5" wide x 3" high x 7" long (12.7cm x 7.62cm x 17.78cm)
  • Frequency response is flat from 20Hz to 35kHz

These are hand made, in limited quantities for 2022.  Because of my workload, the lead time is currently about 4 weeks.  If you're looking for an unusual, yet usable and flexible DI, this is a great choice!